True Blood‘s Rutina Wesley Geeks Out Over Jem And The Holograms


Tara and Pam True Blood

Rutina Wesley is making her way to San Diego Comic Con on Saturday for the always massively popular True Blood panel. We’re putting on our comfiest shoes already, just to stand in line. While we wait for her — and for the next installment of True Blood: Death Camp Edition — VH1 got on the phone with her and asked what she would stand in line all day for.

“I used to love Jem and the Holograms,” she said. “I think if they were doing a concert, I would stand in line to see Jem and the Holograms.” And of course, she does an excellent version of the ’80s cartoon’s theme song.

“Truly outrageous, truly truly outrageous, whooa Jem!” Really, she makes a good case for a live-action remake.

Rutina shared the first time she learned she had fans. “I was in New Orleans after the second season,” she said. “I was walking down the street with my husband and there was a group of people pushing us, like 15 wide of just people. I walked past them, and you could hear all the scuttle-buttle… literally 10 seconds later, I heard, ‘Tara! We love you!’ I blew this big kiss and then five seconds went by and they all went ‘YEAH!’ I felt amazing. This was unreal. It’s dream level. You go to school and you work hard and you want people to like your work, but I never would have thought I would have people who were rabid and loving and crazy for this show. I’m full of gratitude.”

[Photo: HBO]

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