Veronica Mars At Comic-Con: 10 Things We Learned


Kristen Bell
Confession: There are times when I forget that the thing you do for a living is what other people do for fun — and then there are times when I forget I’m even working. At the Comic-Con panel for the Veronica Mars this morning, I was pretty glad no one could see my unprofessional tears (happy tears!) in the darkened Hall H as footage of the Kickstarter-funded played. I almost forgot to take notes! But I did, so here are the important things I learned:

Jason Dohring Ryan Hansen Chris Dowell Tina Majorino
1. The movie has a Godfather III theme, according to creator Rob Thomas, even though on their budget, an “Agatha Christie everyone in one house” story would have been easier.

2. All the witty dialogue is there from the start. Kristen Bell said the first line she shot was, “Charming drink names. I can’t decide between a ‘beast with two backs’ and a ‘donkey punch.’ Do you think they’ll let me order a virgin ‘devirginator.’ ”

3. Jason Dohring is still hot. Percy Daggs III and Tina Majorino got wayyyy hotter than they were on the show.

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