False Advertising: 10 Celebrities Who Clearly Aren’t Buying What They’re Selling


George Clooney and Nespresso

George Clooney has openly admitted that he only does Nespresso commercials in Europe because they pay him enormous amounts of money, but do they have to be so unbelievable? I mean, besides the fact that there’s no way George Clooney is obsessed with Nespresso coffee, the set ups are ludicrous.

See, when you watch a bunch of them in a row, as I have, you discover there’s almost this weird narrative world occurring in the Nespresso store that George Clooney always visits. It’s like we’re supposed to believe that this specific Nespresso store is Clooney’s Central Perk, and all the employees are his friends. You’re also supposed to believe that Clooney is constantly striking out with women and that his one comfort in his lonely, movie star life is that he loves Ristretto flavored instant coffee.

It’s impossible to believe anything about these ads is real, but after a while, you kind of want to. It would make an amazing sitcom.

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