Almost All The Times Joaquin Phoenix Smiles In Her Trailer


Joaquin Phoenix

This is so weird, guys. After that whole I’m Still Here “documentary” and even The Master, we were really used to not liking Joaquin Phoenix. To be honest, even when he was awesome as Johnny Cash, he gave us the heebie jeebies — in a good way! But it is a testament to the power of Spike Jones and a really good Yeah Yeah Yeahs song that he seems genuinely cute and likable, in an awkward loner writer way, in the trailer for Her, out this November. Just to prove my point, I screencapped almost all the times he smiles in this preview (there were some smiling and running shots I may have missed, sorry, JP).

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Her is about a divorced guy named Theodore Twombly who writes personal letters for other people. He downloads an “operating system” that promises to learn and evolve with use. Well, as you can see, “Samantha” learns and evolves in a very human way, and she also happens to be voiced by Scarlett Johansson. Predictably, Theodore falls in love with his virtual companion. Not so predictably, this seems really sweet and not pathetic. We’re ready to forgive Phoenix’s fake rap career here and now.

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