We’re The Millers Talking Points: 10 Essential Facts


We're The Millers

With summer road trips in full swing and the need to beat the heat while stuffing your face with popcorn for two hours comes We’re The Millers, a film about fake families and drug smugglers that will have you thinking twice before entering the RV of a stranger. Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis pose as good-intentioned, all-American parents to Emma Roberts and Will Poulter, when in reality they’re scheming to sneak a “smidge” of marijuana across the Mexican border. With a cast of fan favorites, stripper humor, and at least one testicle joke, read on for the most important takeaways from this flick.

1. Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis hate each other (again).
These two Denver neighbors are less than cordial at first, preferring to make digs at their occupations (drug dealer and stripper, respectively) than exchange pot roast recipes. Their witty, often profanity-laced banter can be fairly mean, but unlike Horrible Bosses, at least they’re not trying to kill each other.

2. Will Poulter is your new crush.
Will Poulter

The 20-year-old Englishman sings, drops trou, and makes out with not one but two of the film’s leading ladies. (Jealous, dudes?) If that wasn’t enough to get you in the multiplex seats, the fact that he’s English and starring in next year’s adaptation of The Maze Runner should make you a loyal fan ready and willing to send birthday gifts year after year.

3. The film supports the resurgence of TLC.

The ’90s R&B queens have announced an official comeback via an upcoming album, tour, and VH1’s own biopic hitting screens this fall, and a certain family sing-along only reinforces the public’s healthy appetite for more from T-Boz and Chilli. You’ve probably belted out “Waterfalls” during a never-ending road trip, but can you nail Left Eye‘s rap?

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