The Complete Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle Timeline


Jennifer Aniston made her way into our hearts and living rooms as Rachel Green on Friends, filling the mid ’9os with short skirts, the proper definition of “on a break,” and a haircut your mother, sister, babysitter and middle school principal likely all did their best to replicate. While “The Rachel” made Aniston even more of a household name, it’s far from the only style to turn heads over the years.

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From bob to blonde to faux dreadlocks–do we not remember the flower child period when she was married to Brad Pitt?!–behold the many looks she’s rocked since all the way back in ’92. Together these photos exist as proof that there is life beyond a signature hairstyle on a hit television series, and that even the girls with the shiny, straight hair like to experiment with curls. The grass is always greener, right?

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[Photo Credit: Getty Images; Splash News Online]

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