15 Photos Of Matt Damon Looking Absolutely Heavenly



In honor of Matt Damon‘s new film Elysium which shows a bleak view of the future, we thought it was high time to present some untouched, completely un-Photoshopped images of the Damon. Yes, he is from heaven, and yes, he’s always surrounded by cherubs. You’re welcome.

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Okay, so Matt Damon’s new film Elysium has nothing to do with heaven*. It’s a sci-fi thriller about how the haves live on a space colony named after the Elysium Fields where everything is perfect, and the have nots live on Earth in squalor.

However, the Elysium Fields were sort of like heaven for the Ancient Greeks and Matt Damon is clearly from heaven, so these photos make total sense. Why is he clearly from heaven? Well, he’s clearly the nicest guy alive. I mean he’ll do anything to make his babies laugh and he’s not thrilled about leaving anyone behind on Earth…

*And these photos might have a tiny bit of Photoshop.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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