10 Reasons You Need To Watch The White Queen



3) It’s Not Just About “The White Queen.”

The miniseries takes its title from The White Queen, the first of Philippa Gregory’s The Cousins’ War books, but the entire series weaves the trilogy together.

The White Queen was written about the Cousins’ War from the point of view of Elizabeth Woodville. The next book in the series, The Red Queen, recounts the conflict from Margaret Beaufort’s point of view. The final book, The Kingmaker’s Daughter, focuses on Anne (and Isabel) Neville.

So, it’s actually not just one heroine’s story, but several–and you never know whom to root for.


4) You Can Watch This Show AND Breaking Bad.

Because it airs on Saturdays and Breaking Bad airs on Sundays. See? It’s not like the rest of the year when you have to choose between five different awesome shows on Sunday nights.

You have no excuses.

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