10 Reasons You Need To Watch The White Queen



5) It’s Your First Look At The Next Generation Of Big British Actors.

There are certain films, mini-series and shows like Band of Brothers, Black Hawk Down, Wet Hot American Summer and Skins that seem to collect a bunch of actors together when they’re young and fresh and then five or ten years down the road, almost everyone in the cast is a major star. They’re “class photo” films.

The last big British example of this (that wasn’t Skins) was this little comedy gem called Starter For 10, which starred then unknowns named James McAvoy (who went on to X-Men: First Class), Rebecca Hall (who was just in Iron Man 3), Alice Eve (who was in Star Trek Into Darkness), Benedict Cumberbatch (who is in everything), James Corden (who will be in Into The Woods), Dominic Cooper (who went on to Mamma Mia! and Captain America), Catherine Tate (Doctor Who and The Office), and Mark Gatiss (co-showrunner of Sherlock).

The White Queen has a fresh and talented cast that feels like they could be the next wave of British actors to show up in everything in five years’ time.

Max Irons has already lined up the Oscar bait film, Posh, and looks poised to land a major franchise. Aneurin Barnard‘s just name came up in Doctor Who casting rumors. David Oakes could shift from heartthrob to villain to comedy icon depending upon his whim. Ben Lamb looks like he could be Benedict Cumberbatch’s cuter, softer, less complicated little brother and will be appearing in Divergent. Rebecca Ferguson has already nabbed a part in a movie co-starring The Rock and could easily find herself on a series like Game of Thrones. Amanda Hale will probably sweep up some big awards in the next ten years. Oh, and Eleanor Tomlinson has already co-starred in a major action film and will be in a Pride & Prejudice spin-off next year.

The White Queen is basically a who’s who of who’s going to be somebody in five years’ time.


6) It Was Filmed In Bruges.

There’s not much else to say, but Bruges is very pretty.

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