10 Reasons You Need To Watch The White Queen



7) Aneurin Barnard Is Too Beautiful To Be Richard III.

So, this is how Richard III is usually portrayed. He’s supposed to have a hunchback, a deformed face, and in the case of the RSC production of Richard III with Antony Sher, crazy spider crutches.

However, in The White Queen, Richard, Duke of Glouster is played by dreamy Welsh actor Aneurin Barnard. I mean, they try to ugly him up with some pale lips and under-eye circles, but it’s not happening. Richard III is a dreamboat.

Now, part of the reason why they did that is because the traditional interpretation, as seen in Shakespeare’s play, is the product of propaganda to make Richard look like a villain (more on this later). New research suggests that he didn’t have a hunchback–just sciolosis. Furthermore the sciolosis wasn’t confirmed until after the miniseries wrapped. So, Barnard is supposed to be the new, less spider-crutchy, less villainous version of Richard III.

That said, he’s just too dreamy to be Richard III because he’s too dreamy to live.


8) The Hair Is Extraordinary.

Game of Thrones and Vikings both set off a flurry over braided hair styles earlier this year, and The White Queen not only expands on the types of braids a girl could attempt, but makes hair nets and Princess Leia-style buns look divine. Actually, the hair and the make up team need to be commended especially because Faye Marsay believably ages from 12 to 28.

The one thing that doesn’t look great? Some of the costumes in the first few episodes pull you out of the story because they obviously have zippers and were made by machines, but as the series plugs along, the gowns become more opulent and the men look more dressed to period.


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