10 Reasons You Need To Watch The White Queen



9) It’s Full Of Strong Female Characters.

Television is full of shows with dynamic male casts and maybe one or two compelling female characters. Since The White Queen focuses on the women of the time period, there aren’t just one or two great female characters, there’s about a dozen.

Each female character is wildly different from one another, but they all share one trait: their ambition. Each is out for herself and so it’s easy to see why they’re enemies, but hard to figure out who to root for.


10) No One Actually Knows What Happens At The End.

You’re probably thinking, “Whhhaaaat? But it’s history! I can go to the library and read all about what happened!”

Except you can’t.

At a recent Q&A event for The White Queen, Philippa Gregory explained that there are only five source documents from that time period. Meaning most of the details of that time period are mired in mystery. We may know that a certain famous family “won” the War of the Roses at the end, but we still don’t know how.

Specifically, we don’t know what happened to the “Princes In The Tower.” It used to be that historians were certain that Richard III had his nephews murdered in order to take the throne, but now upon looking at the actual facts, it looks less and less likely. It’s more probable that Shakespeare cast Richard as a villain because propaganda of the time period painted him as such.

The mini-series takes its own liberties with the story, but that’s because no one actually knows how it ends.

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