15 Most Powerful Celebrity Kids Under The Age Of 3



In 2013, there have been several celebrity babies born, including North West and Prince George, who happen to be much more than cute bundles of joy. These newborns join the ranks of influential children under the age of 3. Whether they are boosting a country’s economy, landing more magazine covers than Lindsay Lohan or recording new music, the kids on this list have more power than any child should have — let alone before they are walking.

15. Everly Tatum


Age: 3 mos
Birthday: May 31, 2013
Parents: Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan
Family’s Estimated Net Worth: $16 million

Everly’s main source of power is the ability to bring her Magic Mike dad to tears. He reportedly has been very emotional over the birth of his daughter. She clearly came out of the womb knowing a thing or two about romantic dramas. If she can make him weak to his knees then Everly is going to an entrancing power over Hollywood when she’s older.

14. Milan Pique Mebarak


Age:  8 mos
Birthday: January 22, 2012
Parents: Gerard Pique & Shakira
Family’s Estimated Net Worth: $140M

How many babies have their own Twitter handle? Not many, but at least one powerful baby does: Milan. He may be the only child on the list with a (reportedly) official account. Not only that, but he’s already making snap judgements on The Voice. He stopped by set and looked ready to assess the talents of the show’s contestants.

13. Willow Sage Hart


Age: 2 years
Birthday: June 2, 2011
Parents: Pink & Carey Hart
Family’s Estimated Net Worth: $86 million

The reunited couple’s first child gained them a post-pregnancy magazine cover with Who magazine, and plenty of compliments from around the world given her undeniable cuteness. The product of a pop star and celebrated biker is already getting experience in both of mom and dad’s worlds: bike riding and starring in a music video before the age of three? And you thought you were advanced for your age.

12. Vivian Lake Brady


Age: 9 mos
Birthday: December 5, 2012
Parents: Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen
Family’s Estimated Net Worth: $390 million

Vivian was nine weeks old before she was formally introduced to the world – on Facebook. That’s right, the newborn was causing a social media storm when her and mom snapped a selfie. While Vivian is the second child for Gisele and Tom, she’s the first daughter, hopefully meaning that she’ll follow her mom’s modeling footsteps. But her most controversial move (yes, not even one yet and she’s sparked a media frenzy) yet has been getting her ears pierced.

11. Luna Encinas Cruz


Age: 3 weeks
Birthday: July 22, 2013
Parents: Penelope Cruz & Javier Bardem
Family’s Estimated Net Worth: $67 million

The couple’s second daughter shares a birthday with the Royal Baby, Prince George, which may have caused you to miss this recent development. The monumental birthday has allowed the family to maintain additional privacy, yet the demand for photos and tangible information about their youngest grows by the day. As these international film stars have landed magazine covers and shilled beauty products, they also pass on a considerable amount of talent: both Javier and Penelope have won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor (for their work in No Country For Old Men and Vicky Cristina Barcelona, respectively), which gives little Luna awfully big shoes to fill.

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