15 Most Powerful Celebrity Kids Under The Age Of 3


10. Julian Fuego Thicke


Age: 3 years
Birthday: April 6, 2010
Parents: Robin Thicke & Paula Patton
Family’s Estimated Net Worth: $18 million

The first child of the longtime lovebirds received plenty of pre-birth attention, thanks to mom’s belly-baring cover of EBONY magazine in May 2010. Since then, he’s kept a relatively low profile, sticking to normal activities like playground games and amusement park rides, until dad’s most recent album. Julian Fuego is featured on Blurred Lines track “Ain’t No Hat 4 That,” a song that was co-written by his grandfather, Alan Thicke. Three generations of #THICKE? We can dig it.

9. Luca Cruz Comrie


Age: 1 year
Birthday: March 20, 2012
Parents: Hilary Duff & Mike Comrie
Family’s Estimated Net Worth: $30 million

The Disney darling got an early start on family life and the public has responded with resounding support. Over the course of Luca’s one-plus year on Earth, the public has been following his every move after mom shared early photos of her son on Twitter. Now he’s part of the social media routine, inspiring parody accounts and influencing baby fashion trends. Because when your mom is an actress slash pop star turned entrepreneur and dad is a professional athlete, anything is possible.

8. Maxwell Drew Johnson


Age: 1 year
Birthday: May 1, 2012
Parents: Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson
God Parents: CaCee Cobb, Jessica’s best friend and assistant
Family’s Estimated Net Worth: $100 million

Right out of the gate, Maxwell earned her mother a multimillion dollar endorsement deal with Weight Watchers, adding to Jessica’s billion-dollar empire. Before she was out of the womb, Maxwell was seen on the cover of Elle when Jessica bared her bump and the whole family landed on the cover of People soon after she was born. But the media attention started as soon as Jessica announced her pregnancy, which would feel like an eternity thanks to the constant headlines and media updates.

7. Gideon Scott and Harper Grace Burtka-Harris


Age: 2 years
Birthday: October 12, 2010
Parents: Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka
Family’s Estimated Net Worth: $16M

These fraternal twins constantly drop the one-two punch of cuteness on the red carpet and just about any photos they appear in. In fact, they are usually the subject of NPH’s twitpics and Instragrams. They even made their TV debut in an episode of How I Met Your Mother, which featured their picture in Barney’s slideshow. Now it’s a matter of time before they get some substantial screen time. As they continue to amass fans, they have at least one longstanding one in Sir Elton John, who has already hosted the twins on several trips to St. Tropez.

6. Penelope Scotland Disick


Age: 1 year
Birthday: July 9, 2012
Parents: Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick
Family’s Estimated Net Worth: $6 million

With 76 Twitter accounts to her name, the public’s fascination with Kourtney and Scott’s second child is arguably greater than it was with little Mason. It helps that Penelope was born on television–go ahead and try to un-see footage of Kourt ripping her newborn out from inside her–and featured on both Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Kourtney & Kim Take Miami. But following her pregnancy down to the very last push wasn’t enough: Penelope, Kourtney, and big brother Mason were featured on the cover of Us Weekly weeks after the birth. Penelope’s status continues to climb thanks to a a certain high-profile cousin who was kind of enough to show up to her first birthday party.

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