Best Week Ever‘s Amanda Seales Wants You To “Say What You Mean” In Relationships



Best Week Ever might still be on the best summer break ever, but New Yorkers can catch DJ, comic and hostess with the mostess, Amanda Seales, at The Stand this month. Amanda is starring in a brand new one woman show about relationships called It’s Complicated. We got a chance to check the show out and to chat with Amanda about the show and why ladies need to keep their “chickenhead in check.”

VH1: So, what inspired your new one woman show, It’s Complicated?

Amanda Seales: Everyone asks me relationship questions all the freaking time. Which I’m like, I’m not good at this shit. So, it’s always kind of interesting to me that people will ask me, but it’s because I’m really good at problem solving. Like I’m really good at diagnosing an issue and then attaching the solution to it. It’s like a thing that I do.

And I’m way better at doing it for other people than myself. So, people recognize that and I realize a lot of these people are asking the same questions.  I think a lot of women right now are really in a state of genuine concern when it comes to, “Am I really going to get the love that I want?” And I think a lot of stuff that I see in the terms of literature etc, is basically saying that you have to like, change your, you need to rearrange. Like you’re asking for too much. I see it all the time, and I personally feel like it’s about understanding ourselves better.

And I don’t think that’s been talked about enough. I think it’s the core to getting anything you want. Whether it’s the career you want, or the education you want, or the love you want. When you look at yourself and do the problem solving and the diagnosing with yourself first it gets you to a better place. And I-that’s what the show tries to get across through different facets. So whether it’s making better emotional and-making bigger decisions with emotional intelligence.  It’s really about you as a person not everybody else.

VH1: The show is a mix of stand up and character segments. What inspired the character segments?

AS: I am a character myself. But I do think that it’s kind of an interesting way to get things across to people without kicking them in the head.

You know? Like when you’re talking about anything that involves like enlightenment or wellness, etc. you can really easily venture into “Self-Righteous Land.” And when you do characters, it takes you out of your own voice and it allows you to speak in someone else’s voice and I think that, you know, it allows the message to get across in a different way that’s a lot less hard-hitting, but it’s still effective. You know, it’d be one thing for me to be saying, “You know, all y’all have ‘chickenhead in you’ and you need to get that in check,” but it sounds so much better and it’s so much funnier when it’s coming from an actual chickenhead.

VH1: Do you have a favorite part of the show that you always look forward to?

AS: Yes, I always look forward to “Smart Woman/Dumb Girl” because the audience gets so invested in the answers and I love the fact that this whole room of people who don’t know each other from Adam innately become comfortable enough to get on a mic and disagree with someone else. And it’s in a way that’s not disrespectful at all, you know? It’s just for the purpose of saying, “No, this is a better way.” And it’s fun to see people like challenge each other to make a better decision. You know? Like that really is to me a dope dynamic. “Like, wait. You’re challenging her to make a better decision?” You’re not challenging out of this whole ratchet movement crap. It’s not about status. It’s not about money. It’s all about this is the best decision for wellness and I’m like appreciative that I could create a forum for that.

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