The 5 Craziest Things On Last Night’s Pretty Little Liars: “The Mirror Has Three Faces”



One of the craziest things about Pretty Little Liars is simply how crazy it is. It boldly eschews logic and reason in favor of ludicrous plot twists and questionable fashion statements. Also, I didn’t read two-thirds of Ulysses in college and wrote an A paper on the tome. If I miss 30 seconds of this show, I’m hopelessly lost.

It’s fantastic.

Last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, “The Mirror Has Three Faces,” was particularly crazy. How crazy? We’re counting down the top 5 craziest moments.


5) Mona

Mona is pretty crazy. She’s currently in a psychiatric ward (right?) and she might be plotting the downfall of four girls via framing herself for murder. I don’t know how any of that works out. In my day, if you didn’t like other girls you went to school with, you just made a silent pact to do better than them in life. Mona seems to be going in the opposite direction.

Also slightly crazy? Her Hannibal Lecter-like mind games with her shrink, who may or may not also be crazy.

However, the craziest thing about Mona is that she somehow has access to lip gloss and a straightening iron in prison.

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