20 Photos Of Ben Affleck Looking Hotter Than Matt Damon



Sure, Matt Damon is a heavenly being sent down to Earth to fill our hearts with grace and goodness, but his best friend Ben Affleck is really f@*king hot. In honor of Ben Affleck’s 41st birthday, we’ve compiled 20 important photos where we think–and beauty is subjective–that Ben is totally outshining Matt.

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It’s got to be tough to be Matt Damon. I mean, he’s always with Ben Affleck, so he’s always going to be compared to his taller, lither, sexier friend with an Academy Award for Best Motion Picture. That being said, we would kill to get to stand next to Ben Affleck. So, maybe things aren’t so bad for Matt.

Except, Ben’s been outshining him for exactly 41 years today.

Anyway, we just want to say, “Happy Birthday,” to Ben Affleck and we want to let Matt Damon know that we’re sorry he isn’t aging quite as well.

(If it’s any consolation, Matt, we still love you!)

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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