Rooney Mara Is The Girl … Who Sings In The Shower!


While you may think of Rooney Mara as the damaged, vengeful Lisbeth Salander from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, we see a very different, tender side of the actress in her new movie Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, which opens in select theaters this weekend. In particular, she has a very sweet scene in which she sings to her onscreen 4-year-old daughter. After seeing her take the stage with the Black Lips at last year’s Austin City Limits (for an upcoming Terrence Malick movie), we wondered if she has a music career waiting on the back burner.

“No, I don’t,” she said, genuinely surprised when we complimented her singing. “Maybe when I’m, like, in the shower or in the car, but no, it’s not a realistic thing for me.”

Darn. Well, she seems to be doing OK with this acting thing. In Saints, she plays Ruth, a young woman involved with armed robber Bob (Casey Affleck), who takes the fall for her when she injures a sheriff’s deputy in a shootout. As Bob serves time in prison, Ruth gives birth to their daughter and tries to build a new, quiet life for them.

The movie’s sun-drenched Texas Hill Country setting and her pretty flowered dresses are a far cry from her all-black Dragon Tattoo ensembles. But in real life, Mara says, her style isn’t all that influenced by her characters.

Rooney Mara Casey Affleck

“I don’t think I ever really dressed like [Lisbeth],” she said. “I think people thought that I did because I wear a lot of black, and because I still had to grow out my haircut and bleached eyebrows. I don’t know, I kind of get dressed based on how I feel in the morning.”

So, she sings in the shower and dresses based on her mood. We’d say she’s just a typical girl, except, well, more gorgeous.

Here’s a throwback gallery of her outfits during the 2012 awards season, when she earned an Oscar nomination for Dragon Tattoo.

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[Photo: IFC Films]

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