Then 10 Biggest Revelations From Lindsay Lohan’s Oprah Interview


After six stints in rehab and a recent return to the screen in The Canyons, Lindsay Lohan finally sat down with Oprah Winfrey for a Next Chapter interview on Sunday night to discuss her tumultuous past. From alcohol addiction to her often dysfunctional family life and the reality of facing jail time, read on for some of the more revealing statements the actress shared. 

1. Lindsay lied about cocaine use in the past.
“[Alcohol] in the past was a gateway to other things for me… I tried cocaine with alcohol,” Lindsay explained. When Oprah referenced her 2007 arrest for drunk driving and a “usable amount” of cocaine, as well as her comment at the time that she had only done the drug “three or four times,” she set the record straight on her relationship with the drug. “I really hadn’t done it–I really haven’t done it more than 10 or 15 times,” Lindsay said. “Of course I said three or four, I was terrified of being judged!”

2. She preferred to snort coke, because the only thing she’s ever injected have been B-12 shots.
After admitting to casual cocaine use (“because it allowed [her] to drink more”) Oprah fired back with specific questions as to how. It might seem like an obvious enough answer to some, but you never know when someone is going to go above and beyond.

3. Going off Adderall has made all the difference.
For Lindsay, the sixth time in rehab appears to be a charm, thanks largely in part to ending her longtime relationship with Adderall. Lindsay told Oprah going off the drug commonly prescribed for ADD (and commonly used recreationally, or, as O explained, to help Hollywood starlets lose weight or stay up all night) is what is making this stint in rehab different. Now that she’s moved away, she’s realized that she doesn’t need it like she once thought she did. “That’s all I knew. I was convinced that it did ground me but I notice how much calmer I am [without it]. I could sleep on it, I could eat on it, but the more time that I’ve spent working on just myself with no other [substances], I don’t need it, I don’t.”

4. The only thing she’s taking these days are vitamins. And Nexium. 
LiLo has acid reflux.

5. She doesn’t feel like she’s had anyone guiding her career.
With her popularity surging, thanks to the success of films like The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, and Mean Girls, 17-year-old Lindsay was suddenly set to make $7 million a picture, which was simply “too much” in retrospect. Without proper financial or career advice, money was going to frivolous things like partying, hotel rooms, and plane tickets for friends. Keeping people around to avoid loneliness and facing the debilitating Fear of Missing Out are some of the reasons her raw talent and potential for greatness seemed to take a back seat to the Hollywood party scene. For someone who was managed by her mother for years, this raises even more questions…

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