Then 10 Biggest Revelations From Lindsay Lohan’s Oprah Interview


6. She doesn’t feel like mom Dina exploited her.
“I don’t think anything was intentionally done in that way… I hate what a bad rap people give my parents, because they’re just parents at the end of the day trying to stand up for their daughter and themselves,” Lindsay said. While some could think that Dina used her daughter’s talent for her own benefit, working is what made Linsday the happiest she’s ever been, and she proclaimed her desire to return to her career multiple times.

7. She’s sorry about the whole calling-her-dad-and-saying-her-mom-was-doing-drugs thing (but still smiles about it).
In one of the more confusing exchanges, Lindsay makes vague references to a night last October when she told her father her mother was “on cocaine” in a phone call he’d later leak to the press. “She wasn’t out of control. I was more out of control. It was a bad mother/daughter fight,” Lindsay said. “I said a lot of things that were not true that I was saying spitefully… I was acting out, and I was acting like a crazy person, so I knew what was the one thing that would really trigger her and set her off and hurt her. I wasn’t thinking clearly. … I was really ashamed by that.” As for her father’s actions, Lindsay said she believes it was something between her parents that they’re currently working on. “I’ve asked my parents just recently, ‘Keep our life private, please.’ Not to say that when I wasn’t really speaking to my dad he had any right to say what he did.” Lindsay also taught Oprah what the term “on one” means, suggesting she’s a bigger Drake fan than Amanda Bynes.

8. Today, her parents can stomach being in the same room (they’re even getting lunch!).
Despite the ups, downs, and divorce, at the time of Lindsay’s interview with Oprah she claimed her parents were in a good enough place to handle visiting their children together.

9. Lindsay considers herself to be addicted to alcohol, as well as addicted to chaos.
While refusing to dive deep into her family history or acknowledge the specific (and largely rumored) problems at home, Lindsay explained that a general sense of disorder is all she’s ever known. “A lot of stuff went on when I was young, with my family, and I grew up in a very chaotic home… It’s something that people go through and unfortunately I waited too long to face it, even though I’ve been going to see a therapist for years and years,” she said. “It was a comfortable chaos to me. So what was chaotic for some other people from the outside looking in was normal. And there’s something to be said about me learning to be comfortable with things just being okay.”

10. There was a time when Lindsay wanted to go to jail.

Lindsay served two weeks in jail in July 2010, at a time when escaping L.A. and various courtrooms seemed like more of a necessary way to get better than a punishment. “Being in my addiction and everything and having all the chaos around me that I was so comfortable with, I somewhere inside knew–and kind of wanted to–go to jail,” she said, explaining that her actions were subconsciously putting that desire for peace out there.

Whether or not you truly believe in Lindsay’s ability to change (or at least try to), or think this, and her forthcoming docu-series, is all a stunt to recoup some of that lost income during the party-heavy years, it’s clear that Oprah’s power is already affecting her. As the interview was winding down, Oprah brought up Lindsay’s immediate, post-rehab plans to travel to Europe. Despite her suggestions that it was a “yoga-meditation” trip, and she’d be with her younger brother, you could feel the rays of judgment from O burning into her freckled skin. “I’m different, I’m different. I feel different–I’m in a different headspace. I don’t want those things that I wanted before,” she said, confirming that no, she wasn’t going to indulge in any temptation overseas. [Silence as Oprah evaluates the truthfulness of that statement.] Before the credits rolled a chyron revealed that two days after the interview, Lindsay canceled her trip. She’s now a part of the OWN family, and no one wants to disappoint the Queen.

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