First Dibs: Do The Obamas Have A New Puppy?



What does Prince George look like now? What is J. J. Abrams‘s mysterious new project? And who helped Marvel with the tricky skydiving scene in Iron Man 3?

  • The Obamas have a new puppy! Just like Bo, Sunny is a Portuguese Water Dog. [White House]
  • Across the pond, Prince William and Kate Middleton revealed a pair of family portraits taken by Kate’s dad. The photos reveal that little Prince George has blonde hair now and their dog, Lupo, is still very much a part of the family. [US Magazine]
  • J. J. Abrams has a mysterious new project called “Stranger.” Yesterday, the director revealed a strange clip to advertise the project, but no one knows if it’s a film, television show or something web related, but there is a creepy guy whose mouth is sewn shut in it. [Daily Mail]
  • On the upcoming Iron Man 3 Blu-ray, Marvel is going to reveal some tricks of the trade. Like how the Red Bull skydiving team helped them out with one breathtaking action sequence. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: White House]

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