The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones Talking Points: 10 Essential Facts




8) So, Are Jace, Hodge, Alec And Isabelle The Only Shadowhunters Left? Because The Movie Makes It Seem Like It


The Shadowhunters are a dying breed, but most of them live scattered in other Institutes all over the world and in their very special Shadowhunter country called Idris (which we choose to believe was named after Idris Elba).

That said, if you use common sense, you might think … huh, Shadowhunters have to intermarry or die off, so EVERYONE must be closely related. And you’d be right.

Spoiler Alert: Jace is a distant cousin to Alec and Isabelle. In the Victorian era spin-off, The Infernal Devices (which, by the way, is our favorite of the two published series), we meet a character who looks a lot like Alec Lightwood named Will Herondale, who is Jace’s ancestor, and his sister, Cecily Herondale, is Alec’s and Isabelle’s. Clary’s ancestors are also key characters in that series.



9) Why Was Luke In The Photos With Valentine And Jocelyn?

The movie doesn’t really go into this, but it’s because he was Valentine’s best friend until a werewolf bit him. And then Valentine was all, “Ugh, you’re gross.” And then Luke realized, “Ugh, you’re evil.” And then Luke also realized that if his best friend was evil, he might finally have a shot at his hot wife.

I mean, that’s the short version.



10) So About That Ending…

The thing that makes The Mortal Instruments hugely controversial within YA fanbases is that it’s heavily intimated that Jace and Clary are siblings. Which means their romantic feelings for each other are incestuous.

Or are they?

Was Valentine lying? Was Valentine telling a partial truth? Is it true?

We’re not going to tell you. Read the books.

Or glean what you can from our interview with the cast wherein they discuss how they changed the ending so it would be more palatable:

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