Batfleck Bashing To Farrah’s Backdoor: 10 Summer Stories We’d Like To Leave Behind


Alec Baldwin Ben Affleck Farrah Abraham

Remember how at the end of summer camp, you had friends you knew you’d K.I.T. with forever, but then weeks later, school would start and you forgot them? We really, really hope that’s the case with some of the big celebrity stories we’ve been following this summer. If we never read another story in which Alec Baldwin wrestles with a photographer or a Teen Mom tangles with James Deen, we’ll be very happy indeed. But after looking back at the stories we know we will remember about the Summer of ’13, we thought it only right that we relive these one LAST time:

Ben Affleck
10. People Shocked and Outraged About Ben Affleck as Batman
OK, we know comic book fans are a passionate bunch, but we were a little taken aback by their reaction to news the Oscar winner would put on the batsuit for the upcoming Superman/Batman movie. We like Josh Gad’s take on this. Here’s hoping the Batfleck Backlash (Batflash?) is over and done by now.

9. The Lady Gaga vs. Perez Hilton Feud
Being friends with a gossip columnist must be a tenuous bargain. As is being friends with a pop star who dabbles in performance art. When Perez trashed Gaga’s new song, and she retaliated by calling him a stalker, we were amused for a minute. Now the drama is old, though, so we want them to go back to being friends.

Farrah Abraham
8. Farrah Abraham and Her Backdoor Career
We thought Teen Mom was supposed to be a cautionary tale about how hard it is for young people to take on adult responsibilities. Not a launching pad for young people to take on adult film careers.

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