The 10 Most Unsettling Opening Credits On TV Now


7. The Americans
This is basically the Homeland opener, but better, because these images from the Cold War are old enough that they no longer seem cliche (unlike the post-9/11 imagery of Homeland). It’s all a blur of information, driving home the point that all these decades later, we have no idea what the CIA and the KGB were really up to. Or if there could still be spies living next door to you today. That Russian-tinged theme song is nominated for an Emmy this year, BTW.

6. Da Vinci’s Demons
I only know about this one because it’s also nominated for two Emmys (theme song and title sequence). But, wow, the orchestral score paired with Da Vinci’s drawings brought to life really make us feel like we’re inside the not-completely-sane-but-beautiful mind of the quintessential renaissance genius. Which, is exactly what the Starz drama is all about.

5. Hannibal
Is that wine or blood forming the shape of a human head? We are not supposed to know.

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