The 10 Most Unsettling Opening Credits On TV Now


4. Pretty Little Liars
The heightened colors, the perfect lipstick and manicure, the strange lilting song, “Secret,” the dead girl and her four beautiful friends, one of whom is staring straight at the camera — all the jarring juxtapositions here perfectly illustrates how this may be an ABC Family show, but it’s about vicious murder and blackmail all the way.

3. American Horror Story: Asylum and Original Flavor
OK, the fetuses in a jar from Original Flavor alone would push this show into #1 rank. But taken as a whole, the two series’ openers are a bit obvious and too much like every trailer for a horror movie we’ve ever seen.

2. The Walking Dead (Season 3)
Both here and in the opening sequence from the first two seasons, we see the remains of a destroyed civilization, and &%$# is it scary and lonely and something is definitely going to pop up from behind that gravestone. Also, now there’s the added scare of that zombie eyeball and the pocket watch. I hear these violins in my nightmares, people.

1. Dexter
Is there anything so shudder-inducing as the sight of that knife going into fleshy ham? Oh, yeah, the cold look in Dexter’s eyes after he’s finished getting ready for his day. This one hits all the right notes: almost happy music, mundane objects manipulated to make your skin crawl, blood. It’s almost so unsettling, we don’t want to watch. But then we do anyway.

[Photos: AMC, Showtime, Starz, ABC Family]

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