10 Stars Who Should Have Bigger Careers



Every year, there are a few actors who break out in a big way. (Think: Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids.) The actress immediately turned her supporting role into several big hits at the box office. And then there are actors like Isla Fisher, who made a big splash in Wedding Crashers, but failed to become a stand out on her own. We love her, we support her, but we want more for her. She and the nine other names on this list are those break out stars that we wish had bigger careers.

1. Orlando Bloom


Breakout Role: Legolas, Lord Of The Rings (2001)

After LOTR came out, Bloom inspired numerous elfin fantasies and quickly jumped aboard another franchise, Pirates Of The Caribbean (co-starring Keira Knightley who is also on this list). In between his first and last Pirates film, Bloom starred in a few ho-hum films, which included Troy (long winded), Kingdom Of Heaven (a misfire), and New York, I Love You (blink and hopefully missed). By the time he finished with the two franchises, Bloom’s star had fallen. Sadly, the actor failed to live up to the charisma of his franchise series.

What’s Next? An attempt to rekindle the love for Legolas in the final two Hobbit films. Hopefully the actor can use Peter Jackson’s franchise to launch himself into one where he doesn’t play second fiddle to a ring or Johnny Depp. If not, he may go the way of his Black Hawk Down co-star, Josh Hartnett.

2. Anna Faris


Breakout Role: Cindy Campbell, Scary Movie (2000)

Following the Scary Movie franchise, Faris starred in two seriously funny (if not big) films, Waiting… and Just Friends. Her transition into mainstream was the lead role in the sorority comedy, The House Bunny. While a minor box office success, it failed to catapult into bigger roles beyond “hot, funny girl” (Observe & Report, Take Me Home Tonight). Faris deserves much more than she’s received. Both Bunny and What’s Your Number have showcased her bubbly personality and her ability to produce smart, female-driven comedies.

What’s Next? Faris is starring in the new sitcom, Mom, with Alison Janney on CBS. The show, which has potential, is a smart move for the actress who once played herself on Entourage. CBS has turned into a network for boosting stalled careers (Chris O’Donnell, LL Cool J and Julianna Margulies). Her and her husband, Chris Pratt, should also take a few notes from Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman and work together in a few indies to maintain buzz.

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