The 5 Kids You’ll See Everywhere In Fall’s New TV Comedies



3) The Hapless Older Brother

See: The Goldbergs, The Michael J. Fox Show, Welcome to the Family

Oof! It’s so hard to transition from being a boy to being a man. You’ve got to think about things like driving tests and kissing girls and launching a tech company and giving up on your dreams to marry your ditzy pregnant girlfriend. Wait. What? The awkwardness of adolescence (and early adulthood) is a gold mine for comedy, or at least attempts at comedy.

Best of the Bunch:¬†Conor Romero as Ian on The Michael J. Fox Show.¬†Romero shines for a lot of the same reasons that his co-star, Goglia, does. However, Romero also stands out because he has some of the best line readings of any comic actor (child, teen or adult) in the Fall TV season. That translates as, “The way he says words makes those words funny.”

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