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With Ricky Gervais’ Derek debuting today on Netflix, it’s obvious the service is staying in the original programming game. And as other series like House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black get tons of buzz, you might wonder what streaming gems will whet your appetite. Check out our guide to Netflix’s content and which television shows you should be watching after you finish your favorite original series.


Arrested Development’s run was stalled in the mid ‘00s, but the series found new life on Netflix earlier this year. The incorrigible Bluths amused fans, with us wondering how low the family members’ unwavering narcissism would take them. If you want more laughs from deluded self-aggrandizing individuals, we’ve got you covered.

Start with a show featuring two favorites from AD. The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret, starring David Cross and Will Arnett, features a woefully unprepared U.S. salesman trying to tackle the U.K. market for energy drinks. Be ready  for unbelievably crass jokes, a breakdown of cross-cultural communication, and a comedic cameo from Mad Men’s Jon Hamm (“Boom! That’s the Hammer comin’ down!”).

Another show with members of the AD cast is Archer, with Jessica Walter and Judy Greer as regulars on the animated series. The show revolves around Sterling Archer, “the world’s most dangerous spy,” who’s actually saddled with alcoholism and mommy issues. His veiled cries for help come in the forms of rampant philandering and verbally torturing his co-workers at the second-tier ISIS agency. However, the most biting barbs come from Walter’s character, Archer’s mom who runs the agency. Also keep your ears peeled for guest roles from Cross and Jeffrey Tambor.

And in a six-degrees-of-separation vein, Fox’s Bob’s Burgers stars Archer’s lead, H. Jon Benjamin. Not a ton of narcissism in this family-workplace comedy, but it’s definitely hilarious enough for you to fire up the stream.

For a more quirky fix, check out Fred Armisen’s and Carrie Brownstein’s Portlandia. The sketch comedy series lampoons Portland, Oregon’s pervasive hipster culture, with many characters getting their comeuppance when clinging to their bohemian ideals. The creators aren’t lobbing any harsh judgement, so the show’s perfect for anyone who’s not afraid to laugh at themselves.

And our last batch of likeable losers hails from the City Of Brotherly Love. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia takes debauchery to dizzying levels, featuring some of the most unhinged characters ever to grace the small screen. With plots about doing crack to get lifelong government assistance, using a homemade Lethal Weapon video to settle an argument about blackface, and mysteries involving poop, “the gang” could easily be some of the worst people on the planet.

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