Emmys 2013: Who’s The Bigger Badass? The Lead Actor In A Drama Race Gets Evil



The 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards are right around the corner, and the Lead Actor in a Drama category is a battle between evil, and, well, evil. There are six contenders overall, but the top three, as far as VH1 is concerned, have made a name for themselves based on their ruthless personalities and immoral behavior. From the safety of our living rooms it’s all entertainment, but who would you really want to avoid running into in a dark alley?

A competition between a creative director, a U.S. Congressman, and a meth lord might seem obvious, but crowning one of these television villains as the most evil is actually not that easy. Take a look at what makes each of these men so terrible, and let us know who you think is the biggest bad guy. (Note: Spoilers from the last season, obviously.)

Don Draper, Mad Men


Crafting an enviable life around a hollow set of lies has yet to fully implode for the man formerly known as Dick Whitman, but things are getting bleak. Don Draper has continued to rise the ranks at work, as he inspires future creative types with his ability to tell masterful tales during pitch meetings and scares corporate underlings who dare to quibble about his often arbitrary business hours. A family man he is not, and his disregard for anyone but himself–both in and out of the office–this season proved that Don might be missing the capacity for true happiness.

Evil-doing: Cheating on his wife (with two different women), jeopardizing the career of countless Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce employees with unpredictable, selfish behavior around clients, ignoring the needs of his children…
Essential episode: “Favors,” in which poor Sally Draper is face to face with who her father really is (and gets that birds and bees talk her parents likely never gave her).

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