Happy Birthday, Tom Felton! Celebrate With 25 Pics Of His Hairvolution


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Tom Felton turns a ripe old 26 today — so, yeah, Harry Potter fans, you’re going to be middle-aged soon. That also means it’s been years since he’s had to bleach his hair that awful Draco Malfoy blond. Sorry, some of you were perhaps drawn to that ‘do, in all its evil glory. We can’t really imagine spending our entire adolescence defined by such a distinctive style. (Though there are probably some perks that made up for it.)

Next up, we’ll see Tom in the DirectTV Neil LaBute series Full Circle. But in the meantime, let’s celebrate his birthday by looking back at his many hairstyles — from that weird mop of curls in The Borrowers to today. We’d like to lobby for him to return to that longer hipster flop. How about you?

[Photos: Warner Bros., Getty Images]