20 Years Later: Dazed And Confused By The Numbers


9 roles in Kevin Smith films


Following D&C, both Joey Lauren Adams (Simone Kerr) and Affleck found success alongside Kevin Smith. Adams starred in three of the director’s movies: Mallrats, Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back and Chasing Amy, which earned the actress a Golden Globe nomination. Back in his acting days, Affleck worked with Smith a total of six times–one of them being Jersey Girl, which was Affleck’s second flop co-starring then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez.

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6 times Jason London starred in D-List sequels


The film’s breakout star at the time was easily London, who had all the makings of a teen soap heartthrob. However, following the D&C, London made a string of TV appearances before turning into a working D-List actor by starring in sequels no one wanted to see, including The Rage: Carrie 2, Dracula II: Ascension, The Prophecy: Uprising and Glass House: The Good Mother.

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9 times director Richard Lanklater directed his D&C cast in subsequent films


While D&C is notable for being a number of actors’ earliest roles, it was also Linklater’s third feature film and most notable at the time. Like many directors (Guest, Smith and Joss Whedon), Linklater has worked with a the same pool of actors. Adam Golberg (Mike Newhouse), Katt and Matthew McConaughey have appeared in three of Linklater’s films including D&C. Meanwhile, the director has also worked with Rory Cochrane (Ron Slater), Posey and Wiley Wiggins (Mitch Kramer).

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