Happy Birthday, Anna Camp! Here Are All The Reasons We Want To Be Your BFF


Anna Camp
We feel so lucky to live in this era of comedy where the hot chicks aren’t relegated to sitting in the corner and looking pretty while the boys get all the funny bits. Instead, ladies like Anna Camp get to deliver jokes, throw themselves into slapstick and have real dialogue — while still looking foxy as hell. That’s probably why we have a feeling that Anna and us would make great friends. She would give us hair advice, get the cute boys to come to our tables and still be willing to get onstage to sing the entire TLC catalog with us at our bachelorette party. She’s just totally game for things like that. Or, well, here are things she’s done to make us think so:

1. Projectile Vomiting TWICE in Pitch Perfect
She can’t possibly be a diva on set and do amazing scenes like this.

Anna Camp Skylar Astin

2. Her Romance With Skylar Astin Is Adorbs
We love a good tongue-in-cheek, fake-coy tweet like the one above. The Pitch Perfect co-stars weren’t dating when they made the movie (and she was married), but now they’re all over town looking downright giddy to be in each other’s company.

3. She Could Teach Us How To Seduce Jason Stackhouse
We could probably learn quite a bit from Sarah Newlin’s cartoonishly exaggerated sex kitten act in season 2 of True Blood. How exactly does one do that to a beer bottle?

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