Happy Birthday, Anna Camp! Here Are All The Reasons We Want To Be Your BFF


4. She Doesn’t Shy Away From Hilariously Offensive Characters
“They weren’t singing, they were honking!” she complained of the deaf contestants as Sectionals judge Candace Dystra, fifth runner-up for Miss Ohio 2006, on Glee.

5. Despite Her Stardom, She Totally Gets Our Fear Of Missing Out
FOMO is real, people.

Anna CAmp How I Met Your Mother
6. As Everyone’s Favorite Guest Star, Maybe She’ll Give Us Spoilers
A stint on this final season of How I Met Your Mother is just her latest in a long career of pivotal guest spots. If she were our best friend, we’d get all the scoop on what’s happening on these shows.

Anna Camp
7. She Eats Like A Real Person
Those are carbs on her Instagram.

8. She Plays A Great BFF On TV
We’re basically convinced that everyone is exactly like their characters on The Mindy Project. Acting, schmacting.

9. She Got It on With Don Draper in a Cab
Don may have thought her character Bethany Van Nuys was a younger version of Betty, but then she sure surprised him. This is probably the closest we’d ever get to Jon Hamm ourselves.

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