Don Jon Talking Points: 10 Essential Facts



Grab your mom, pop up some popcorn, and get ready to enjoy a flick that’s all about porn. On the surface, Don Jon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s full-length directorial debut, is about a Jersey boy who views women as objects whose sole purpose is to get him off. But underneath all that almost-nudity is a smart comedy that examines how media shapes our expectations and provides an escape from our everyday lives. With porn.

Before you head out to theater, take a look at the following talking points to ensure your post-film discussions are of the highest caliber.

1. JGL Gets B-U-F-F.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

[Photo Credit: Relativity Media]

To embody Jon Martello, Joseph Gordon-Levitt transformed himself into a muscular gym rat who puts workouts up there with weekly confession. He’s not looking to settle down with anyone right now, and his priorities are in order (as far as he sees it). Plus, he follows his father’s footsteps by wearing a white tank to Sunday dinner and always changes the sheets after a female friend spends the night.

2. The men talk a good game.

Jon and his friends hit the local clubs in search of a perfect “10,” a title that varies in its definition depending on who you’re talking to. While Jon doesn’t have to do much chit chat to seal the deal, his pals Bobby (Rob Brown) and Danny (Jeremy Luke) offer up some of their best work with the opposite sex.

3. Scarlett’s Jersey girl is straight out of the Sopranos.

Scarlett Johansson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

[Photo Credit: Relativity Media]

Snapping her gum and making sure her lipstick is always impeccably applied, Barbra knows what she wants and is the quintessential dream girl in the eyes of many. Just don’t talk to her about housework…

Scarlett Johnasson

[GIF Credit: Stacy Lambe]

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