Moving On & Moving On Up: The 10 Sexiest Celebrity Rebounds


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It must be really hard for celebrities to have their break ups splashed on gossip sites (like this one), but it probably isn’t hard to rebound with another famous hottie. I mean, when most of us are nursing a broken heart, all we get to do is shoot some tequila and make out with the least ugly single person we can find in a dive bar. When celebrities are on the rebound they have their pick of the litter: supermodels, movie stars, back-up dancers and the grown up children of other gorgeous celebrities.

Okay, yes, no one wants a broken heart.

However, considering that Robert Pattinson is reportedly soothing his sorrows over Kristen Stewart with Dylan Penn or that when Olivia Wilde got a divorce she got to go to Disneyland with Ryan Gosling (!?!?), we have to say, that if you’re going to have your heart broken in two, do be sure that you’re a celebrity. It’s the only way you can be sure that your next hook up will be hotter than the last one.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images & Splash News]


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