Homeland: Dana Brody’s Eyebrows Know When Something Is Wrong


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Developing teenage characters can be a tricky thing for television, as many are often confined to eye-rolls and heavy sighs used to signify an elder’s cluelessness. On Homeland, Dana Brody (Morgan Saylor) struggles with her father (Damian Lewis) returning home from an eight-year captivity, the crazy allegations that he might be a terrorist plotting to destroy the United States, and getting her mother to loosen up about her missing curfew and having friends over to smoke a little pot every once in a while, all of which make it more difficult to figure out what’s REALLY going on right in front of her. But she’s so close!

While she whines and frowns, she’s been give more to do than poor, sweet Chris (who just wants SOMEONE to come to his karate match) and her utility to the larger story has increased over time. She’s potentially caught on to the truth behind her father and crazy Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), as seen in the inquisitive looks she flashes each and every episode. Hire her, Saul! The girl’s good. Check out all of the things Dana has almost figured out, thanks to her powerful brows.

But will she figure it all out in Season Three? Only time (and her eyebrows) will tell. Check out the trailer below, and catch the season premiere tonight at 9 pm on Showtime.

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