What Feeds Orlando Bloom’s Juices?


From the noble blacksmith in  Pirates of the Caribbean to the mighty Elf warrior of The Lord of the Rings, Orlando Bloom has always come across as a man of power … that is, when he’s not terrified of dropping a line. “I could drop lines, somebody else could drop lines, somebody [could get] hurt. … But all of those things are things that feed the juices.”

Ahem, excuse me? Juices? Bloom is referring to the excitement of live theater, which he currently has an intimate relationship with, thanks to his leading role on Broadway’s Romeo and Juliet. But this classic play has gotten a makeover, and things are kicked up a notch. For example, the new and improved Romeo arrives on stage riding a motorbike. Now, that’s some way to make an entrance! Unless of course, the bike stalls … which is something Bloom is admittedly, also terrified of happening.

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