Mark Pellegrino Explains Lost, His One Direction Fandom And The Scary Tomorrow People


VH1: Did you watch any of the original British TV show?
MP: I did not. Did you? I am curious, but I’m also a little bit nervous to see it. Even though I know it was the 70s and kind of a kid show and a little bit campy, I kind of want this to be its own independent thing. When everything’s said and done and maybe we’re on hiatus or something, maybe I’ll sneak a look at the original shapeshifting robot of Jedikiah.

VH1: Were you ever a fan of those older cult sci-fi shows?
MP: Star Trek was a big thing for me. I kind of grew up with that. And Twilight Zone is one of my all-time favorite shows. In fact me and Sam Witwer from Being Human sit down and have marathons to get our little Twilight Zone fix. Every Saturday night at midnight, it would come on KTLA … and I had this little white RCA black and white television I used to watch that with my step-brother religiously. The “Living Doll” one is one of the freakiest things to watch at midnight. Dolls freak me out anyway, but that one is just wrong.

VH1: So is Twilight Zone an inspiration for some of your creepier characters?
MP: Indeed.

VH1: What do you have in common with your characters?
MP: What a lot of the characters have had, I would call it an excess of passion. It’s an excess to the point it becomes your driving focus. What I share with them is I’m a fairly ambitious person, and once I’m focused on something, I’m pretty intently focused. I love the purposefulness of all the characters. There have been a couple of characters that were working for redemption, and I like that notion in general. It resonates with me. That human concept of redemption, I think, is big.

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