Not A Big Fan! 25 Actors Who Trashed Their Own Movies


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Creative people can be extremely critical, especially when judging their own work. That helps explain why sometimes actors just can’t resist taking a shot at their new film, even when they’re out on a press tour promoting it! ¬†Oof…but is it really that bad? Most of the time, the answer is yes. And not even a seven figure paycheck can gloss over that hard truth.

Sometimes this leads to some awkwardness with the people who…you know, actually paid to make the movie happen. And other times it merely drums up some much-needed drama for an otherwise pretty forgettable film (*cough* Transformers 2 *cough*). In any event, it’s refreshing to hear their un-PR-processed honesty, even if we don’t agree with it (Obi-Wan HATED Star Wars, you guys!). But let’s face it, a lot of times the film is pretty lousy.

Head up to the gallery above to check out 25 instances of actors going rogue and ripping into their own movies!

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