No Scrubs! 10 Famous Women Better Off Without Their Deadbeat Men


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It’s TLC week here at VH1, so we thought we’d get in on the action Celebrity-style, in honor of the group’s most biting song, “No Scrubs.” The world is full of guys who think they’re fly, always talking ’bout what they want and sitting on their broke asses. What’s amazing is when highly successful, beautiful women fall victim to these men (who, OK, aren’t necessarily broke, but they’re morally bankrupt, at least). Well, at least the women on this list finally took TLC’s advice and told them, basically, to stop hollering at them.

From Ashton Kutcher to Tiger Woods, Lamar Odom (maybe!) to Arnold Schwarzenegger, these men somehow forgot that their ladies were amazing. Demi, Elin, Khloe, Maria … you’re looking like class, and they’re looking like trash, so we salute you!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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