The White Queen‘s Aneurin Barnard Takes Us Through “The Final Battle”



Last night, The White Queen came to an end with a bloody and epic battle between Richard III (Aneurin Barnard) and Henry Tudor (Michael Marcus). Now that the dust has settled, star Aneurin Barnard is going to take us through some of the battles he fought behind the scened in over those fight scenes, how he feels about historic inaccuracies, and whether or not he thinks Richard really loved Anne.

Last night’s finale was aptly titled “The Final Battle,” and the Battle of Bosworth Field turned out to be Barnard’s favorite fight scene to shoot because “historically it’s the biggest one and it’s Richard’s moment.”

Even though American viewers got to see more action on film than British audiences (because there is a Starz edit of the series and a BBC one), Barnard explained that the cast shot much more. “There were some really big action sequences that were taken out [of the BBC version],” Barnard lamented. “I find it very disappointing because at that point I think the audience deserves a good big, blowout battle.”

Richard III was renowned for being the consummate medieval soldier. He spent his childhood learning how to fight and historically rode into battle with a battle axe. However, Barnard never got to wield an axe on the show because of pesky safety concerns.

“I like to portray things as close to the bone as possible,” Barnard explained. “So I’m there [on set] holding an axe, getting on a horse, and at the last minute, they take that axe off me. So, then I grab a mace and they take that off me as well. There was one moment where they said, ‘Well, we don’t want you riding with a sword,’ and I think at that point I just rode off.”

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