The Vampire Diaries: A Complete Guide To Every Party In Mystic Falls


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This week on The Vampire Diaries, the town of Mystic Falls will be celebrating something called Remembrance Day. If that doesn’t make you say, “Wha?” then congratulations, you are a true TVD fan and totally used to the fact that these people will use any excuse to party, even though those parties often come with a body count. Founder’s Day, masquerades, comet-viewing, the infamous high school Decade Dance, the End of Summer party — clearly, the show runners really enjoy hiring extras and lighting bonfires? After four-plus seasons of this revelry, and perhaps to help you plan your own perfect Halloween party, we decided to compile an exhaustive guide to every single soiree Stefan, Damon, Elena, Bonnie, Caroline and Co. have risked their lives to attend, and tallied the bodies for each one too!

The most surprising conclusion we came to after our research was this: On the whole, the parties aren’t all that dangerous. Sure, a couple people disappear here and there. Often they come with the threat of mass murder at the hands of Katherine, Klaus, or a bunch of vampires brought back from the dead, but at the last minute, they’re saved, and those hedonistic townspeople go home to plan yet another Illuminated Restoration Town Square Gone With the Wind ’60s Dance. No wonder supernatural creatures can’t stay away from this place!

Did we miss any parties — or party victims? Let us know!
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