Scream Queens: The 40 Hottest Horror Heroines Of All Time


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We tend to faint at the sight of blood, but there’s one thing that always keeps us coming back for more gory movies: The super hot horror heroines, of course! Some survive to the closing credits while others aren’t so lucky, but you can be guaranteed that these actresses are always scarily sexy. No matter how laughably bad the script, the gorgeous scream queens ensure that the ninety minutes isn’t a total loss. From spooky classics like Friday The 13th and Halloween, through the ’90s golden resurgence, and finally to today’s slasher fests, the babes are always bountiful. In fact, many current A-listers got their start running away from knife welding-dudes, re-animated corpses, or some kind of malicious paranormal activity. With Halloween fast approaching and nightmare inducing movies on our mind, we’ve rounded up forty (count ‘em!) of our favorite horror movie heroines from the dawn of cinema (and also the Dawn of the Dead). Enjoy!

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