5 Halloween Costumes You Shouldn’t Try In 2013



Because being an adult means we can no longer throw on a bed sheet and demand free candy from our neighbors, Halloween has become more of an ordeal as we get older. We want a costume that stands out from the sea of sexy mice and “bad” (in a good way) female police officers, which can require serious time and thought. When it comes to Halloween ideas, we love nothing more to draw from pop culture–and so do celebrities! But like Julianne Hough and other blackface blunders have proven, not everything was meant to be copied solely for holiday party entry.

We know you might be tempted to go as one or more slightly controversial pop culture figures this year (it’s a conversation starter!), but trust us: don’t. We have your best interest in mind.

Read on for our list of costumes ideas to avoid in 2013.


[Photo Credit: AMC]

[Photo Credit: AMC]

Uncle Jack and his team of Aryan-loving criminals played a SPOILER huge role in Season 5, by testing the limits of Walter White’s power. Yes, they made Vince Gilligan disciples realize that there still are people on this planet who are more evil than Heisenberg, but…they’re Nazis. No Halloween night will end well if you go out sporting visible swastika tattoos or suggest Hitler was misunderstood to a room full of revelers who are simply looking for the king in a room full of fun sizes.

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