Nikki & Sara Countdown The 5 Craziest Moments From Season 2 Of Nikki & Sara LIVE


2) When They Touched All Those Celebs On The MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpet

On Season One of Nikki & Sara LIVE, the ladies introduced a game where they tried to touch as many celebrities as many times as they could on a red carpet. For Season Two, they upped the ante.

So how did they get away with it?

“We’re doing it so much, they don’t know…they’re just in the moment,” explained Sara. “It’s chaos on the red carpet. It’s loud. They don’t know that we’re like touching them, like, above 20 times. ”

Nikki totally had a favorite. “Touching Drake was exciting, because it was like very fleeting, he just flew by like he was going down a river, and we just had to like, try to grab him and that was really exciting and Katy Perry, I got close, but it didn’t happen. That was thrilling, just to even try.”

1) When They Actually Met Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake isn’t just Nikki and Sara’s favorite pop star, he’s the reason they have a show on MTV! Nikki explained that “we made a sketch about it, or we made a PSA, and it was a call to action for him to come back to music, and this was in 2011, so it was before he started doing music again. And then, we’ve mentioned him, pretty much on every show since then.”

Knowing how important JT was to them, Nikki and Sara’s staff organized a top secret meeting with the man himself.

So what’s he like in person? The ladies spilled, “He was just really beautiful in person, just like more than you think they’re gonna be. He’s just a really good-looking man. I’ll say that. Yeah, I thought he was an angel.”

 Nikki & Sara LIVE‘s Season Two finale is on MTV tonight at 11/10 PM C.

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