Submitted For Your Approval: The 10 Scariest Episodes Of Are You Afraid Of The Dark?


8. “The Tale of Watcher’s Woods” ¬†(Season 3, Episode 3)


Every camp has its own horror story: A crazy chef who serves human meat, a counselor who snapped, children murdered in their bunks. It’s always assumed the tales are nothing more than a ruse to keep campers inside their cabins while the counselors party, but the tale of three campers lost in the woods at Camp Crindlestone turned out to be true. Legend has it that Watcher’s Woods is where people go to disappear, they say it moves so you never know you’re in it until its too late. Oh, and it just so happens to be the 75th anniversary of three girls’ disappearance. Our heroines, Sarah and Kelly, head into the woods for a hike and find themselves lost in the shape-shifting forrest. With their compasses rendered useless, Kelly bumps into the three lost campers who tie her up and demand she return their missing whistles so their souls can be freed. Luckily for her, Sarah proves to be more resourceful and is able to find her way back to camp to retrieve the whistles.


7. “The Tale of the Doll Maker” ( Season 3, Episode 5)


Our grandmother’s collection of porcelain dolls were scary enough on their own, but they were downright traumatizing after watching “The Tale of the Doll Maker.” In case you’ve repressed the memory of The Midnight Society’s tale, let us fill you in: Melissa’s friend Susan has mysteriously disappeared. While snooping in Susan’s attic (Why Melissa? Why?), Melissa discovers a dollhouse that bares a striking resemblance to Susan’s abandoned home. Like any normal child of the ’90s, Melissa goes back into the attic alone at night to discover her missing friend has not only been turned into a doll, but is trapped inside the strange dollhouse. Against her parents wishes, she returns to the attic and enters the dollhouse to save Susan. If this wasn’t already enough to ruin your childhood, Susan’s porcelain body parts fall off throughout the episode. Luckily, ¬†Melissa saves both herself and Susan. Our doll collection, unfortunately, did not survive for for long after we saw this episode.

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