Thor & More: Our 20 Favorite Instances Of Gratuitous Male Toplessness


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Look, it’s not just actresses who are forced to strip down for gratuitous topless shots. More and more actors are taking one for the team and taking off their shirts. Chris Hemsworth not only took his shirt off for no real reason in the first Thor film, but he does it again in the sequel, Thor: The Dark World! Ryan Reynolds routinely takes his top off on screen and Bella and Edward’s romance in the Twilight saga was almost upstaged by Taylor Lautner‘s abs.

For whatever reason that was shoehorned into the script, these 20 instances of gratuitous male toplessness exist on screen and it’s weird, but also fantastic.

In the new film, Thor: The Dark World, Chris Hemsworth takes his shirt off “after battle” and because Joss Whedon demanded it! “It is what it is,” the actor told MTV News. Well, whatever it is, we want to thank you, Mr. Hemsworth. We also want to thank Christian Bale and Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds and Taylor Lautner and all the men on this list for stripping down for the camera.

[Photo Credit: MGM & Dimension Films, Marvel & Summit Entertainment]

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