The Best Man Holiday Cast Gives Love & Hip Hop‘s Yandy Smith The ‘Juicy’ Dirt On Their Characters



Where We Left Her: Poor Robin was shocked to find out fresh off the plane that her boyfriend of two years, Harper, almost slept with his girl bestie Jordan right before she landed. Despite the drama that ensued after the revelation, Robin accepted Harper’s unexpected marriage proposal on the dance floor at Lance and Mia’s wedding.

Where She Is  Now: Robin finally found her calling as a comedian jewelry maker teacher executive chef, according to Sanaa Lathan. Most importantly, she’s finally about to be a first-time mommy after some difficulty trying due to Harper’s “low sperm count.”


Where We Left Her: She wound up in the bed of her ex’s womanizing best friend, Quentin, after getting unceremoniously dumped by an uncharacteristically bold Julian Murch on the steps of the church at Lance and Mia’s wedding.

Where She Is  Now: Murch’s bossy ex is now the bossy reality TV star of the Real Housewives variety. She’s “bigger, better and badder” with enough bling and attitude to make a Love & Hip Hop star like Yandy proud according to actress Melissa De Sousa. In other words, looks like Shelby will still be bringing the theatrics to the sequel. Here’s hoping no drinks or bottles are thrown.

Mia Morgan

Where We Left Her: Mia just married her college sweetheart Lance Sullivan despite him nearly calling off the wedding after finding out she cheated on him with their mutual close friend (and Lance’s titular best man) back in their undergrad days.

Where She Is  Now: Now Mrs. Sullivan, Mia shares a a beautiful home with her NFL star hubby Lance and several children. Are the kids are all hers with Lance? Maybe that telltale throat clearing and chuckle from Monica Calhoun and the rest of the cast conceals something not so happily ever after under the surface.


Where We Left Her: Candy the college stripper with a love of literature escorted our newly emboldened Julian Murch to his best friend’s wedding. Looks like it was grind at first site for Candy and her new beau despite him being in a relationship when they met at Lance’s bachelor party and him not even getting her last name. Did she have a last name?

Where She Is  Now: Candy the stripper is gone and in her place is Candice: teacher, wife and mother. Regina Hall says despite Candice’s life turnaround she still has to contend with her pre-iPhone past coming back to haunt her in the age of YouTube and Twitter.

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