What Evan Rachel Wood Really Thinks Of Shia LaBeouf (And True Blood!)


As Disney stars gone wild go, Shia LaBeouf has been a little overshadowed lately by a certain girl formerly known as Hannah Montana, but with the release this weekend of Charlie Countryman, we were reminded of his tales of dropping acid to prepare for his role in the movie. LaBeouf plays an American visiting Bucharest, Romania, who falls in love with a beautiful cellist (Evan Rachel Wood) and gets mixed up with some dangerous mobsters (after getting slipped ecstasy, not acid, by his youth hostel roommates). When VH1 sat down with Wood this week, we asked what it’s like to play opposite a guy who’ll alter his brain to get into a scene.

“You hear a lot of things said about Shia, and stories and stuff, but I personally had a great experience working with him,” she said. “The kind of eccentric things that he does are because he cares so much about what he’s doing, and he is a method actor. He’s very intense, and I think because people have an idea of Shia, because he was on the Disney Channel, it makes him work 10 times harder than most people. I like it, I enjoyed working with someone like him because he was so dedicated.”

Wood, who first came to fame at age 12 on the TV series Once and Again, said she and the Even Stevens star knew each other growing up in Hollywood. “We’ve known each other for a while because we have grown up and seen each other around town a few times, so we were reminiscing a bit. I think the first time we met was at the MTV Movie Awards. I must have been 16 or 15.”

As vampire nuts, we also couldn’t help asking the former Queen of Louisiana what she thinks about True Blood coming to an end after next season.

“I haven’t been watching!” she admitted, looking a little embarrassed, though she has a good reason: her 4-month-old baby with new husband Jamie Bell. “Especially now with a baby, there’s little time. I do miss True Blood, I’ll admit that. I miss my fangs and I miss the people. It’s a great set to work on.”

Does that mean she’s with us in hoping for a little ghostly Sophie-Anne cameo in the series finale? “A lot of people come back from the dead on True Blood so I’m open to that,” she said. “I think that’d be great.”

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