Jessica Alba? Scarlett Johansson? Guess The Celebrities In Their Skinny Arm Poses!


Celebrity Skinny Arm

What’s more popular than haute-couture on the red carpet? The skinny arm! Yes, the classic 90-degree hand-on-hip pose was popularized forever-ago by the showbiz elite, and has since been adopted by pretty much anyone who has a Facebook or Instagram.

Frankly, it’s not hard to see why it’s become so popular – it makes our arms look AMAZING, despite the fact that the only time we work our biceps is while bringing Cheetos to our mouths. But as with anything, overexposure has caused the inevitable backlash, and the pose has become a cliche ripe for ridicule. Most celebs are pretty good at knowing when it’s time to go away for a while, but the look is going stronger than ever.┬áSo let us come out and say it; we all need to chill with the skinny arm, OK? To prove our point, we’ve┬árounded up some of the worst skinny-arm repeat offenders for our latest Guess the Celebrity quiz. We bet you can tell who’s they are just by their arm! Read on and see how you do…


Can you guess the celebrity skinny arm?

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