Why Lindsay Lohan, Kanye West And Other Celebs Wouldn’t Survive The Hunger Games


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Happy Hunger Games! While there are more than a few celebrities we feel confident sponsoring as tribute, not everyone is cut out to make it through the kind of brutal mental and physical torture¬†Jennifer Lawrence¬†endures as Katniss Everdeen. Besides, Hollywood is flush with spoiled stars who are used to having their assistants’ assistants anticipate their every need; a battle of strength and strategy would not end well.

Forget the characters they’ve played or the intensity of their lyrics. This is about the real people behind the glamorous, magazine cover personas. For example, Kanye West is not afraid to get physical, but also doesn’t know when to stop talking, while Lindsay Lohan‘s tardiness and Lena Dunham‘s ability to inflict terrible pain on herself doesn’t suggest she has the stamina to withstand a life-threatening confrontation. No one said being a tribute was easy, but it’s important to start weeding out the weak now, should the world that Suzanne Collins has created suddenly become real life. In honor of today’s Catching Fire release, consider these celebrities who wouldn’t last a minute once inside the fateful arena.

[Photo Credit: Splash News, Getty Images]

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